We are a clinically oriented, user experience (UX based) medical software and solutions design and implementation company. We listen to medical providers and build user-centric collaborative solutions.



We believe "Experience is what we gain just AFTER we need it". Our Founder has been practicing Medicine an almost all clinical settings and believes technology should work for people- people should not work for technology. It shows.

Solutions Designed by Practicing Clinicians

Providing unique technology solutions to solve common medical communication and collaboration problems.


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​​​​Virtual Viewbox Inc.


Virtual Viewbox Inc. was created by a physician to solve common problems. In the past, physicians would gather around a lighted x-ray viewbox to collaborate with the radiologist about a patient's care. In some cases the entire medical team would gather to share information and formulate the ideal patient care plan, each contributing their unique test results and opinions. Virtual Viewbox was created to replicate this collaborative experience by creating unique technology.



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